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Projects and Publications
Slater Electronic Services have a 17 year history of successful projects and consultancy tasks. Whether you need urgent assistance to complete a technical project or advice on planning a project or on applying for funding, we can usually provide practical help.

Having written, edited and published thousands of technical articles and papers, we can be relied on to produce written or web material, whether brochures, reports or magazines, always to suit your requirements and always on time and to the agreed budget.



    Texas Instruments on ‘language engineering’ research.


    UK cable TV company on the carriage of digital signals.


    FORTH research institute, Crete, Greece.


    Technical editorial and design services to NTL, Winchester.


    Lecture on ‘European Research - The Practicalities’

     to a colloquium at the University of Coventry.

    Represented ‘SENDIT’, a US Company transmitting

      magazines and other material in the form of teletext data

    SES provides editorial services to the BKSTS, The

      International Moving Image Society, editing its journals
providing a technical enquiry service.

    Technical consultancy services to the DVB Project

      (Digital VideoBroadcasting) in Geneva for 18months.

    Technical consultancy services to the UK DTG

      (Digital Television Group).

     Provided radio frequency coverage consultancy

      services and wrote reports and responses to NERA

      Report for to Cable Management Ireland.

    Wrote grant application for funding for a project on

      Electronic Shopping for the RNIB.

    Contributed to Screen Digest report on Digital


    Assistance with consultancy project for French

      Broadcaster M6.

    Managed pilot Audio Description trials for ITV  

      Digital and TDN/BBC.

    Edited publicity brochure and website for Lee Filters

    Regular evaluation and monitoring of EU Research

      projects, acting as technical expert, particularly in

      the areas of Digital Television, Digital Cinema,

      Smart Cards and Disability, for the European



Books written by Jim Slater




`Satellite Broadcasting Systems, planning and design',

ISBN 0 85312 864 2 Ellis Horwood Limited, 1985


`Cable Television Technology',

ISBN 0 7458 0108 0 Ellis Horwood Limited, John Wiley & Sons, 1988


`Modern Television Systems',

ISBN 0 273 03122 8, Pitman Publishing, Longmans, 1991.

'The NTL Guide to Digital Compression - 1995' NTL

'High Tide' (Ed.) A review of EC TIDE Research Projects,

OOPEC 1998



Company history
Slater Electronic Services was established as a company in 1995 following several years of 'freelance' work. The company has a long history of successful projects and publications
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We are always happy to discuss customer requirements, and you will find us flexible and helpful.     Tel: +441980610544